& the new minimalism

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

“Classicism, a brief, perfectly balanced instant of complete possession of forms.”

In ancient Rome, the citizens of the first rank were called classici. The description carried an implication of quality which is still current: we speak of a work being a ‘classic’ in the sense that it is a model which deserves to be followed.

Developing in Rome in the late 15th century, the classical style was widespread particularly among the Renaissance artists. Their aim was to capture the precision of the antique age which for them represented the possibility of attaining absolute beauty in their art.

Classicism created a standard of civilization against which contemporary society could be judged, a standard that was prevalent in the early modern period. What began as an elitist literary hobby bloomed from the time of Petrarch and was applied to all facets of life—from education and politics to music, visual art, and architecture. The classical ideal was something to strive for, and in striving for it, adherents developed new methods to attain the ideal. They were sure that art is governed by rules which are determined by reason. It invokes those characteristics normally associated with the art of antiquity—harmony, clarity, symmetry, proportion, restraint, universality, and idealism.

Classicism’s concern is always with the ideal, both in form as well as in content, expressing the most by saying the least.


Large flowing bows enhance the romanticism and delicacy of the feminine silhouette, making for immediate sophistication.


Elastic lines work to achieve balance between form and function; simple, structural elements emphasize lightness and strength.


Details taken from sportswear and technical apparel are highlighted by the minimal shapes in the Pipe line.


Two precise straps harmoniously overlap the simplicity of the shapes at the core of this minimal, sporty line.


With a focus on clean, simple design, minimal aesthetic comes to life through the choice of rough textures and stretchy materials.

pure leaf

Season patterns details add subtle elegance to the paradigmatic shapes of each shoe.

laced oxide

The laced oxide line sets organic and irreverent patterns against the elegance of black, for a striking effect.


Natural reflections sparkle boldness and sophistication over this season’s luxurious textures. The gloss in black, silver and copper tones overpower the greyness of the cold season.


With its exuberant delicacy, wrinkles take on the leading role this winter, adding a dash of absolute elegance to women’s wardrobes.


Striking shapes and unexpected materials come to life through simple and modern zippers, practical and perfect for any time of the day.