The obsession with pure design and passion for perfect detail were combined. Gladz was born. Inspired by the evolution of the feminist movement and the revolutionary figure of Simone de Beauvoir, the footwear brand responds to the desires for affirmation, sophistication and distinction of contemporary women.

Positioning itself as a smart alternative, Gladz breathes the energy of great design brands. Focusing on the combination of luxurious materials and unexpected textures, it proposes a feminine and timeless product, distinguished by its excellent quality and eclectic elegance.

Produced in Vila de Cucujães, in the north of Portugal, Gladz combines the freshness of a curious creative team with the artisan tradition of great shoemakers. The modern design meets the know-how that characterizes our industry, with results in a product of excellence.

“One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman” wrote Simone de Beauvoir in the feminist literature classic ‘Le Deuxième sexe’ (The Second Sex). A work that redefined the role of women in society and, although over 60 years have passed, remains inspiring and current.

Recognizing sexism as an intellectual weakness, Simone de Beauvoir believed that behavior should be based on freedom of choice and diversity of ideas and actions.

Therefore, against social norms and conventions, she chose to live as a free woman and to trace her own way.


She devoted herself to love, to the thought and discovery of the world through experience. She conciliated passion and ambition, never abandoning her most dreamy, sensitive and romantic side. In the image of Simone de Beauvoir, the Gladz woman is feminist, feminine, free.

In harmony with your affirmative and independent spirit, choose shoes that will enable and flatter you. Climb to your stilettos with the same determination as you walk through the city in your sneakers. And without disputing attention, awakens his gaze through innate sophistication.